Custom-made design products? At your service!

June 3, 2014

Looking to get your own design manufactured? We can do that too. Just leave it to us and we will organize the manufacturing process, certification, warehousing, transport, etc. for you.


Bottles and vases before decorating


We regularly support buyers who wish to have a particular product manufactured in a different colour, style or material. For instance, one customer from the USA approached us with an idea for a target market. Based on the concept of a bottle in a wicker basket, he wanted to take  old jugs and miner’s bottles and weave colourful electrical wire, paper and/or plastic skipping rope around them. The products needed to be affordable and within reach of a large group of potential consumers. Yet he had no idea where to begin with manufacturing, let alone what requirements the products and the manufacturing process would have to  meet. So he came to All Purpose Trading.


What do you have in mind?
We began by discussing the customer’s specific needs, what he was looking for and his approximate budget. In this case, we also needed to know the dimensions of the bottles. We then set out to find examples of bottles and weaving material. The selection we put together really hit the mark. The bottles were available for immediate delivery from stock and for a good price. The weaving around the bottles was done in paper with an African design.

Bottles decorated with skippy rope


Certification: you cannot do business without it
The next step is to work up several sample products for assessment by a certification body. They test whether the manufacturing process and the products themselves fulfil safety and other requirements. Certification is a necessary step. Otherwise the products cannot be exported, let alone sold.


Total quotation
Once that has been sorted, we quote the total price and give an estimation on the lead time. If required, we can also quote a price for product packaging, warehousing and transport. In other words, we do most of the admin so you can concentrate on sales.