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June 2, 2014

The Maker Movement

 Tools like 3D printing and open source technology are bringing manufacturing to the desktop. That means everyone has the power now to invent and create things. And that is what’s happening at this very moment.


All around the world, people are creating things. At low cost, and sometimes they even make a small living out of it. Thanks to the internet. Wired editor and bestselling author Chris Anderson calls this the ‘Maker Movement’. So no more mass production, but more and more do-it-yourself (DIY) or with a little help from others.

                                                                       “The third Industrial Revolution”


The internet not only offers the necessary software (either free of charge or hacked…). It is also a place where people can find others with similar interests, meet, get their finances organized and sell their products. These get-togethers happen a lot on blogs. The next step is that communities are formed around certain subjects and interests. For example, there are mothers who combine housekeeping with DIY projects. And they share the results on their blogs.


Besides these smaller initiatives, there are ones that operate on a larger scale like,,,,,,,,, and


Anderson is convinced the impact on the global economy will be enormous. He actually calls this the third industrial revolution. Watch the video where Chris Anderson explains his observations and ideas.