About us

All Purpose Trading is an import and export firm which trades in home decoration products from China to the world. The Chinese suppliers deliver beautiful products in different styles. Products that add a special flavour to a feel good mood at home. We work with famous designers and introduce new products every season.

All Purpose Trading is the connection between Chinese suppliers and our customers all over the world. We have been in China for a long time and are accustomed to the trading spirit of Chinese traders. The customs and traditions of China are not easy to interpret. It takes knowledge and experience to trade with people from a culture so different to your own.

All Puropse Trading can be of value here. We function as an intermediary between fellow traders such as stock acquisition organisations, importers and Chinese exporters. We guarantee the excellent quality of our products and offer a safe and fast transport service to our clients homeland.  


All Purpose Trading can be of service in two different ways. If you are accustomed to the ways of the Chinese and you wish to arrange trade and transport yourself, All Purpose Trading merely functions as a platform. We are happy to oblige you and offer great products. You request a quote and will buy directly from the merchants. You are responsible for negotiations, quotations, bargains, currency differences, transport, insurances and risks.

If you are not accustomed to the Chinese ways, All Purpose Trading can take away a lot of these responsibilities and worries. We negotiate with the supplier and take care of safe and fast transport. We take care of insurances and take responsibility for custom regulations in China. We even go as far as to customize the packaging material.

Transport service

From China we deliver FOB to all continents, which means Free on Board. We or the supplier deliver the products in ship or plane. Further transport, clearance, taxes, currency differences, insurances and risks are for the customer’s account.
To Europe it is possible to transport your products DDP, meaning Delivery Duty Paid. In that way all costs and risks are for the account of the supplier until you have received your products.


Our company philosophy is based on quality, integrity, respect, reliability, honesty and confidentiality. We focus on solutions that add real value to our customers and their clients. We show respect to each other, our clients and the environment. And we strive to be the best at every aspect of what we do. In doing so, integrity and honesty are our foundation. We develop and value open, honest and lasting relationships, honour our commitments and base our relationships on trust. We produce accurate and detailed data which our clients can use confidently and we respect the confidentiality of information we receive from our clients and partners.